Why Thoughtful?

How we're different from other tech consultancies.

At Thoughtful, we prefer to think of our clients as partners and not customers. We customize our contracts and services to suite each individual partner. We provide as much personal attention from our top engineers and management as necessary to make each project a success.

We look at each new partner as a long-term investment in our company. Our top values are quality, reputation, and generating value for our clients. While some agencies prefer to grow quickly and accept as many projects as possible, we choose to stay intentionally small and work with only the highest quality clients. We turn many clients down because we feel that it's not a good fit or we don't have the necessary resources to guarantee a successful outcome.

Since we look at each client as an investment, we think like investors. Quite literally, we look for opportunities to do equity and revenue sharing agreements with our clients so that we can prosper when they prosper. We aim to have every client so emphatically happy with our work that they will recommend us to their network.

As an extension of our thinking, we prefer to think of our clients as long-term commitments that we have a vested interest in making successful. While many agencies prefer to work on individual projects with discrete start and end dates, we prefer to stick around to make sure the system that we build is well maintained.

We keep only the best engineers on our team. We work hard to keep our team happy. While many agencies churn through staff and burn them out, we put enormous effort into retaining our best people - we believe this is the recipe for producing high-quality work.

We're aware that high-quality clients have so many options to choose from when evaluating other agencies. For the right clients, we aim to form quality, lasting partnerships and share in mutual success.

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