The Story of Thoughtful

After 10 years in the tech industry, I founded Thoughtful in 2019 while I was a software engineering consultant & Interim CTO working with tech startups in Toronto and New York City. After seeing the same types of engineering challenges across many different companies, I felt that I could offer so much more as a consultancy than an individual. Furthermore, I've found a passion for communication, education, and transforming complexity into simplicity. I wake up every day excited to come to work for my clients at Thoughtful.

- Chris Roth, Founder of Thoughtful
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Our Advisory Team

Chris Roth


Too many years in the tech industry. Loves escaping into the mountains on weekends. Can't wait to get dog.

Joel Longtine

Technical Advisor - Cloud Architecture

Father of two. Veteran AWS architect. Writes Cloud Formation in his sleep. Contributor to the Cue language.

David Head

Technical Advisor - No-Code migration Strategy

Founder of, VP of Marketplace at Laskie. Author of No Code & Code Podcast. Best in the world at no-code migration strategy for Series-A startups.

Elizabeth Ferrao

Product Advisor - User Onboarding Optimization

Founder of Product Mindset, previously at General Assembly. Women Who Code. Top user onboarding expert and surfer.

Matt Casey


CTO and Co-founder at, previously CTO of Experienced software architect and team builder.

Daniel Kador


Director of Engineering at Handshake. Formerly CTO @ Keen IO, Senior Manager @ Lyft, Lead Engineer @ Salesforce.