Product Launch: Booqsi

October 9, 2021

We're super excited to announce the launch of Booqsi which we've been busy building with founder Justin Berding. Give it a try!

Booqsi is a modern social network for book sharing. Justin, an avid reader, saw an unfilled need in the book community as no modern competition has entered the space in years: readers currently have no modern, well designed options for connecting with other readers and authors lack a good way to communicate updates to their reader base. Booqsi aims to solve this.

Because Booqsi aspires to be the consumer facing (B2C) app for the book community, we put countless hours of meticulous design work into making the product look and feel beautiful and intuitive. We see design as one of the most critical pieces of Booqsi.

Booqsi is one of Thoughtful's largest product launches this year. While the minimum viable version (MVP) of some products can be drastically scoped down to a quick and minimal first launch to validate market demand, social networks are no such type of product. At minimum, a social network needs to allow users to sign up, fill out their complete profile, search for other users, follow users, post, comment, like, and in general... interact with each other. In addition to these basic needs, Booqsi is completely optimized for mobile since most of its target users will be reading and interacting on their phones and designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

While we've put a lot of hard work into making Booqsi great, this is just the beginning of the beginning... the birth of a product. The team at Booqsi has an ambitious road map ahead and we're excited to have the opportunity to continue evolving the product with them.

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