Engineer - No-Code / Low-Code


Thoughtful is seeking a product engineer that can help us build low-code solutions for our clients using tools like Webflow, Bubble, Segment, Airtable, and Zapier.


  • You have a portfolio of at least two no/low-code products and are able to share them with us and talk in-depth about how you built them, why you choose the tools that you did, and what the pros and cons of using different no-code platforms are.
  • You have experience building traditional web applications and understand core web development concepts like authentication, routing, data modeling, rate limiting, and security.
  • You are comfortable falling back to writing JavaScript/TypeScript or Python when needed in order to connect no-code platforms and extend their functionality.
  • You follow the SaaS/low-code ecosystem closely (podcasts, communities, etc) and pay attention to what new tools and features are becoming available.


  • You will be generally available via Slack/email during core business hours and be able to respond to questions within 24 hours (although we respect your time and won't bother you outside of your work hours unless there's an emergency).
  • You will build no-code and low-code platforms as both proof-of-concept, minimum-viable-products and also as production applications for clients.
  • You are knowledgeable of privacy and security laws (eg HIPPA, GDPR, SOCS2) to the extent that you can ensure that our no-code implementations follow these regulations.
  • You will work with designers, clients, and engineers to ensure smooth migrations from and integrations with existing systems.

We are a 100% remote team.

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About Thoughtful

Thoughtful is a boutique software consultancy founded in New York City and now fully remote. We are not your typical dev shop. We strive to keep an intentionally small and highly experienced team so that we can maintain the highest possible work quality for clients. Our number one priority is client satisfaction by developing superior products. Our motto is to work both smart and hard. While many software agencies focus on churning out a large number of projects and burn out their team quickly, Thoughtful focuses on a small number of high quality contracts and values choosing the best, most productive tools for each project.