Our Services

Think of us as your private CTO for hire.


Custom software development

Web (React)
Mobile (React Native)
Backend (Node, Python)
Data Pipeline (Python)
DevOps (Heroku, AWS, Docker, Serverless)
Clean, Tested Code
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On-demand advising sessions

We'll pair you with the most experienced team member on our team based on your needs
Architecture Review
Process Review
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Augment your engineering team

You'll get high quality, vetted engineers
We only hire the top 10% of candidates
If one of our engineers don't work out, we'll find someone else
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Maintain your existing tech

Keep your systems up to date and secure
We'll develop a custom maintenance plan to help you migrate to low-cost, low-maintenance platforms to keep your costs down
We'll help you put your tech into maintenance mode. Let your business churn a profit and we'll do the rest.
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