The Thoughtful Stack

A tech stack is a "stack" of technology systems that work together to deliver a product to the end user. For example, a system might have a database, server, and mobile app, each being part of its stack.

Thoughtful has sought out best-in-class open source technologies for each layer and has opted to become an expert in each. Generally we pick non-controversial, popular tools like Python and React. We also use a few cutting-edge modules like FastAPI and Dagster that are less well known but, in our opinion, the future.


Hybrid app development with React Native + TypeScript.


Web app development with React + TypeScript.


Backend server development with Python 3, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, and Alembic. (We also do Node.)


DevOps with Docker, Heroku, and ECS/AWS. (We also do Kubernetes.)

Data Pipelines / ETL

We use Dagster for custom Python-based data pipeline / ETL development.


Metabase for metrics. Mixpanel for usage data. Sentry for code monitoring. Forest for data admin. Papertrail for logs. Stripe for payments. We empower you with the tools you need to run a tech company.

Not sure what you need?

  • No worries, we'll help you figure it out. We bake advising, research, and consulting into our work to make sure you're building the right thing the right way.